Development Training

Troy Development believe in facilitating learning, to enable a stronger and more dynamic learning event, so ensuring a greater ROI for the training. We believe, therefore, that it is important for organisations to have a clear view of the desired outcome, and to work together to ensure that outcome is achieved.

The range of courses for personal and management development is known as ‘soft skills'; however, Troy Development do not believe that the learning of these skills is, in any way, ‘soft'. Nor, indeed, that the subject matter, course content or the environment it is ultimately used in is ‘soft'. As a result we have developed a mnemonic for the phrase, instead of re-naming it, to avoid any confusion.


S trengthening

O rganised

F acilitated

T raining

S ubstantial

K nowledge

I mproving

L ifelong

L earning

S kills